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i want changes. and i even know what kind of changes. but it is such a long way ahead...
fuck! i got so tired of being afraid!!! and, fuck, i've got so tired of falling asleep alone!
i'm scared to be alone!

red, pink, cherry, sweet

All... Everything.. is just totally poured with red and pink and cherry colour in my life ^_^ sometimes i don't beleive that it is happening to me...
Heaven :) Heaven made by Dado
Sometimes it is so difficult to beleive that somewhere on this planet lives a person who needs your smile...

Sep. 3rd, 2009

we are so affraid of making mistakes...
and that is the thing that kills us...
why do girls cry without any reason?

just because they are girls, god created us so sensitive...
today i cried without any reason... just because of my hormones maybe and some feeling of unsatisfaction.

sometimes my feelings are tearing me apart, without any permission...
and sometimes i really do feel i need phsycological help.
or maybe i just need my baby and his love near...
we are so close but yet so far
and it is the thing that is tearing me apart...

Aug. 28th, 2009

Today I jealous all the boys on the planet...
And I wish somebody stroke and kiss the bottom of my belly. I would feel better, promise... ))


too much information for this day...

^_^ happy to live

tonight the stars shine very bright...
tonight I had very nice oldman taxist driving me home
and tonight I feel my heart is full of joy, happines and love



today I discovered that webcam can make fotos!!! cool! I'm so excited about my today's discovery! :) yup-yup-yup :)

*fotos are MEGA silly, I know, but...ha,they're made by webcam! :)


smth new exactly for Gemini!


I've created my profile at flickr :)
I've started a project 365 days, it seemed to me soooo interesting! 1 foto a day each day. Foto of myself and by myself. Of course it's super EGOistic project! but it so interesting to see how I will be changing! this project is just for Gemini! 2 days ago one my friend asked me "what is your sign?", I said "Gemini". She said - oh? I know gemini, my last BF was Gemini, they always need smth new and interesting, they always need changes and can't sit long at one place. Changes, new and interesting - yes!!!! that's all about me!

so, here I'm: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41699306@N02/

Aug. 21st, 2009

Today was extremly hard day... Started with strange and agressive message and ended with ordinary mega quarrel with mom.
I got tired.
I've just eaten two pieces of pizza before going to bed (awful crime).:P

Smth has to be changed in my life. Immediately. I can't live this way anymore, with those quarells and advises and rules and duties and neverending efforts to change me.